• Image of Wholefood Entertaining Cookbook

Wholefood Entertaining provides you with the tips and tricks you need to stay lean and healthy when your food choices are limited or out of your hands.

It covers why eating whole foods are important for your health and gives you simple tricks to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals while still socialising and enjoying being you!

Learn about FODMAPs and how they may be contributing to bloating and abdominal discomfort. No-one wants bloating in their favourite form fitting LBD!

When you do get to take charge of the kitchen or bring a dish, there's more than 30 delicious, wholesome recipes that everyone will love! Learn all about the key ingredients used, and find out how to easily interchange different segments of the recipes for totally new creations! Look out for low FODMAP recipes and recipe tweaks if you are sensitive to high fodmap foods.

Each recipe contains:

Healthy Fats
Satisfying Protein
Tummy Loving Fibre
Beauty Vitamins and Minerals
Natural Sources of Slow-Releasing Energy
A tonne of flavour!

And contains absolutely no:

Refined Sugar

In a convenient A5 size, it can fit in your hand-bag without a hassle! Pre order your copy now!